A Beautiful Day in Kas
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Its quaint town center has a rocky waterfront, with several small beaches nearby. There are water sports available in the area, like canoeing, diving and paragliding.

There is a small harbor with fishing boats and daily boats for rent. Kas never became as popular as other areas because of its small pebble beaches, but this has saved the town from over development. Life centers on the town square where there are teahouses, restaurants, mosques and shops. Kas has a moderate amount of nightlife and many nice souvenir shops. There is a traditional market on Fridays.

The main activity in Kas is of course the scuba diving. Divers from allover the world come here to join the beautifull diving spots.

Pictures Of Kas

Streets of Kas
Magical Streets and Flowers of Kas
Sea İn Kas
Charmingly beautiful sea in Kas
Beach in Kas
Historical beach in Kas
Swimming in Kas
Meeting of water and sand
Karetta in Kas
Diving pleasure with caretta
Meditation in Kas
Meditation with a view in Kas
Bar street of Kas
To drink something in Kas
Myra in Kas
Historical place in Kas
Simena ancient city
Historical place in Kas
The blue waters of Kas
Panaromic seaside view in Kas
Yachts in the sea
People and yachts floating in the sea
The beautiful sea in Kas
People swimming from the pier in Kas
Natural beauty in Kas
Meeting of nature and sea
Nature and yachts
Anchored yachts in Kas
Panaromic view in Kas
The nature beauty in Kas
Streets of Kas
People on the streets of Kas
Marina in Kas
Panoramic view of the marina in Kas
Sandal in the sea
Natural photo in sandal
Bay view in Kas
Panaromic bay view in Kas
Paragliding in Kas
Parachute with the unique view of Kas
The clouds on Kas
Natural beauties of Kas
Historical artifacts in Kas
Artifacts of ancient civilizations
Reflection of the sky in Kas
The beautiful photo in beautiful place
Dive in the Kas
Spending time with sea creatures
Sea and artifacts in Kas
Historical and traditional view in Kas
Cute caretta
Caretta saluting divers in Kas
Paint on the wall
Street arts in Kas
Natural beauty in Kas
Harmony of bridge and waterfall with nature
Historical artifats in Kas
Writings of ancient civilizations
People shopping in Kas
Historical eating, drinking and shopping place in Kas
Waves and sand
People having fun at sea
Shopping in Kas
Souvenir shop in Kas
Streets of Kas
The peoples walking of Kas streets
The boats in Kas
Boats waiting at the pier